The PIDS2 – Smart Photoionisation Module Version 2 is an OEM module to detect volatile organic compounds with an ionisation potential < 10.6eV. With its built-in electronics and microcontroller as well as a combined humidity/temperature sensor it provides a flexible and easy to use adaption into your measurement system.

  • Measurement ranges 0…2000ppm*
  • PID signal linearization
  • Temperature and humidity compensation
  • Wide range power supply 5.0V…25.0V DC NEW
  • RS232 interface for digital output and configuration
  • RS485 interface NEW
  • Analog output 4...20mA (optional) NEW

*related to ISBUTENE standard

The PIDS uses a hollow cathode lamp (10.6 eV) as ionization source. This lamp provides a high stable light output and a guarantied life time for more than 5000 hours ( typical up to 10000 hours ).

The RS232 interface supports reading measurement, diagnostic results, remote calibration and configuration. The RS485 interface allows additional flexibility to choose the right interface for industrial and laboratory applications. The optional analog 4…20mA output represents the linearized and compensated concentration value in different scaling.

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