This is an obsolete product and replaced by the Photoionization Detector Module PIM CPN.

The photoionization detector module PIM XCA is an OEM module to detect volatile organic compounds with an ionization potential < 10.6eV. With its electronics and microcontroller as well as with the combined humidity/temperature sensor, it provides a flexible and easy to use adaptation into the target measurement system. The module comes with a built in linearization and temperature/humidity compensation and a full digital interface.


  • extended measuring range 0 … 2,000 ppm (isobutylene)
  • high performance PID lamp
  • temperature- and humidity compensation
  • single power supply
  • signal processing
  • UART TTL interface for measurement and configuration


The PIM XCA is using a hollow cathode lamp with 10.6 eV and Ceramic Discharge Channel as ionization source. This lamp provides a high stable UV output with an life time of 8,000 hours ( typical up to 15,000 hours and more ).

The digitale interface provides the option for reading the measurement values and different status information as well as calibration and configuration.


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