In addition to complete device development, we also undertake the development of sub-components for equipment and systems as partners in national and international collaborative projects. Under references you will find some of our previous partner.

  • contract based development of sensors, analyzers and analysis techniques 
  • Prototype and series production of laboratory and portable instruments for environmental monitoring and analytics
  • Circuit designs of safety-related "embedded systems"
  • Hardware and software development of embedded devices and assemblies for industrial use.
  • Design, construction and testing of devices and modules with high demands on robustness, reliability and resistance to environmental influences.
  • Design and construction for safety-critical applications such as in explosion-protected areas.
  • design and tests for approvel of sensors and devices for use in hazardous areas
  • EMC compliant design and development for increased requirements in interference immunity.
  • Implementation of approvals and certifications, or provide the necessary documentation.
  • Technology- and Product Transfer-East, mainly from Russia
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